How to Determine Your Fees and Get Paid What You Are Worth [Part 2]

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Part 1 from last week is HEREHERE. Go there to read it for the fist time or to refresh your memory before reading part 2.

Live a Life of Service

There are two components to getting paid what you are worth.
  • A foundation of service and contribution
  • Skill with creating more accurate and more effective value perceptions

Make a Choice Today--if you have not already done so--to live a life dedicated to assisting others. To be of service. To be an agent in overt operations designed to assit others in reaching their pinnacle--or at least the next plateau and vista. This is the foundation you must come from to act ethically with tools of influence—and to be justified in greater latitude in the type of influence you use.

Why is this important?

It is important for two very different, yet deeply related reasons:

  1. Coming from a place of service--only serving another's need and goals--your communication dynamics will be cleaner. You will not be trying to get what you want--from or for--the client; you will be assisting the client in reaching the higher fruits they find appealing. You are in partnership. There is no call for conflict. This and one other organizing principle I operate by as a practitioner has yielded me only 1 hostile client situation in a pool of 200 clients over a span of nearly 5 years.
  2. If you are truly being of service to another achieving what they want--and it is an outcome or goal that does no harm to any living thing, it then becomes your duty--yes, duty--to leverage them beyond their limitations. What that means to you is that your grounding of service, coupled with the permission you receive, or context implicitly set by walking into your office is the gateway to free reign with tools of influence. If what your desire creeps in, or more subtly, you desire for them to set a goal or an outcome that you think they should want or that you see as possible for them, you have lost your footing and your just cause—unless you enroll them in that and gain their permission to influence them towards that end.

You must be genuinely coming from assisting them in creating the life they want. You must not appear attached--and hopefully you do the intra-personal work to actually BE unattached. Otherwise you will seem desperate. And in romance, politics, and in business, desperation is not an aphrodisiac. Either way, consider your service to them as your organizing principle: how would your behaviors show up? How far would you go to inspire or help them? Would you care about them? To what degree? How would you relate to their opinion or their experience of you? Your approach should be determined by what serves them as an individual. Some need loving care and safety. Some need a kick in the tush. I can call upon any style that serves them--and I encourage you to take that on as well.

Whatever the truth of your situation and concerns, you must act as if you do not need them to sign anything. The best way to do that is to put your concerns out of your head, and focus on theirs and theirs alone for at least the time you are together. Your concerns for your own life are simply irrelevant for that hour. Pretend to set them down next to the door right after you hang your coat up, or boot your computer, or whatever ritual you conduct in your office when you walk in.

They are not in service of you and your needs. They are not lucky to have you. You are lucky and honored to be in their service. Act that way. The referrals will pour in. You are in service of them living the life they dream of. Continue to help people attain what they envision for themselves, and you will eventually have everything you could want.

You will be far more spiritually fulfilled. If your life and your business is about helping others--that is your livelihood is sourced in assisting others in realizing and attaining a higher level of excellence in any context in their lives--you can not help but be fulfilled.

How does one shift away from a subject-object orientation to an orientation of service in support of another's vision? A relational orientation. The organizing principle and the effective method is simple: you are not trading time for money--you are not really selling a service. What you are selling the prospective client is their vision for how their life could and will be.

If they achieved their stated desired results working with you, How would their life be different? what would that be worth?

Of course, when you ask the question of them, you may want to say "will have achieved" not "if". I wish I did not have to stress this, but you also want to be sure before you go any further that your service will, with an overwhelming percentage of certainty, give them what they need to achieve their outcomes.

It is probably priceless. That is certainly the answer I receive more than any other--so valuable to their life It is certainly worth more than your fees. In fact, your fees are insignificant compared to what any client would say the experiencing of achieving ABC or resolving XYZ would be worth to them.

You can ask further:

  • How would their relationship with their spouse or significant other be positively impacted
  • How would they feel about their life and themselves?
  • What would that make possible [or] what would arise in their life as a result of these changes?

These are not rhetorical questions. You must openly guide them to answer explicitly--several times--to get clear on why they would purchase your product or service. That is the value perception you would ask them to consider while reviewing any agreement. I do so openly as I hand them the agreement. After they answer the questions, I hand them the agreement saying:

"That is the value you are considering this agreement against--the context you are to hold as you review it."

That is why I maintain rigorous integrity to my policy of not discussing rates or fees before the exploratory session. Until they know what they want [of prospective clients do not know what they want they do not r for services before we meet. If I tell them a number--whether it is $30 or $300 dollars it means nothing. I do not know what they want in full yet--and neither do they until they meet and I ask extensive questions--they do not really know what I do as I have not explained it yet. And last I heard there was no "going rate" for an Evolutionary Guide except the one I am currently charging. They certainly have not considered what the services would make possible and what that is worth. I have only ever had one client in nearly 200 clients that has considered it fully before I inquire specifically.

Not only do the numbers mean nothing at early stages of the process--worse, they are comparing it, in their mind, to commodities they could buy with that amount of money. Are they "worth" the same? Of course not. You can not get more love in your life and connectedness and intimacy by paying a car lease, or buying groceries, or a new suit. You can not improve your embodiment of your spirituality by buying a second house.

Yet that is what we encourage them to do by telling them a number up front. They are looking at how many groceries or car payments your fees compare to.

The outcome is inevitable. They start to price shop. And you have assisted them in misunderstanding the true value of your services. You have done them a disservice.

If you truly want to be of service to them in improving their lives, it is irresponsible of you to discuss money or rates before you meet, AND before the appropriate time during that meeting; near the end of that exploratory session. After they have met you, after you have inquired about their desires and outcomes in full. After you have then explained what your approach is--and how it can assist them in getting what they want. You should not selling in your presentation--you are just demonstrating competence and establishing unimpeachable credibility. And finally, after you have addressed any questions they have about the process or your offering, but before they see the agreement and your rates.

And really, the be of service, money should be the last thing you or they are concerned about. It should certainly not be your primary focus.

It is this approach that has me with a consistently full business of one-on-one clients [over 20 a week] and a 98% success rate of converting prospects to clients for 5 years running.

As you look at the above stats, know that I do not re-new clients. We complete at the end of 6 months. I am talking about constant new client acquisition.

With the one-one-one clients it is my general policy to only renew them under special circumstances. I am not just renewing them automatically--and do a full inquiry into the purpose behind doing so. That means I go through this process at least 3 or 4 times a month with a virtual stranger. It works. And I want you to be able to have that kind of confidence in your results--and to turn your practice into a business so that you can live a financially prosperous life as a result of your spiritual principles and living a purpose filled life. Rather than in spite of or in conflict with your spiritual life.

In nearly 5 years of being in this business full time, I have never once had this backfire on me--no one has ever declined to meet me for an exploratory as a result of this policy. I have twice had people in which were not financially qualified, but they were not financially qualified for anyone. And that is the risk I am willing to take for the benefits of this approach.

So HOW do you use this organizing principle?

  • Have a firm and unshakable resolve to not discuss your rates. Put it in your FAQ and declare it to the world on your web site. Then, keep your word about it. [check your local laws and regulations if you are a licensed therapist]
  • Discuss rates only at the appropriate time--after they say what it would make possible in their life, and right before they are handed the agreement
  • Use these formulations to ask that question:
    • "If you had XYZ, what would that possible in your life?
    • "Once we achieve all of that together in this program, what would that open up for you in
      • Your relationships
      • Your emotional life
      • Your professional life?
Follow up with this question several times: What else would it make possible?

Get three or 4 out. Unless they go to something universal and spiritual that brings tears to their eyes--in which case, stop right there, it will not get any better than that. Also--be transparent. I usually add, "and that is the context you hold, and the value you are weighing this agreement against". Sometimes I am even so transparent as to say, "Ok, time for me to do ask a silly sales question--because it is my duty to leverage you beyond the limitations you came here to resolve...that experience it makes possible? What is that worth to you if you could put a price on it?"

The more you hear the mind-blowing answers people give, the less you are fearful about raising your rates for new clients--and finally getting paid what you are worth; getting paid more in alignment with the differences you are making in their lives.

Of course, this is one small component of the larger structures you will need to have in place to become more effective at new client acquisition, but it is an important one. I look forward to sharing more with you and being your Guide as you turn your practice into a business in the 21st Century Marketplace.

Evolutionary Sales™

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Evolutionary Sales™ -- Required Mindset and Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace

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You will prosper...AND feel good about it. Even be proud of it. Your clients will like you even more deeply than they would have. The referrals will flood in.

Evolutionary Sales is your first step to that vision.

You can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn the skills taught by Tony Robbins, Land Mark Education, Christopher Howard, Dan Kennedy, and Jay Abraham... or you can buy...

Evolutionary Sales™: Powerful Techniques for Conscious Business.

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Are you a coach, small business person or sales person? Are you an insurance broker or real estate agent? Are you in the business of navigating people to a choice to purchase any product or service? Can you claim a 100% success ratio opening relationships [closing deals] with people who have a need and are financially qualified? Even people whom you have never met before?

Would you like to be able to? Imagine how many more people you could serve. How much more prosperous you could be...

What would it be worth to you to have the skills to influence someone to take action in any context—with full integrity, safety, and ecology intact? Imagine what it would be like to be able to assist others in getting what they truly desired. Imagine how valuable it would be to be able to help someone overcome whatever stops them from having the life they want--all without them ever feeling pushed or pressured? WIth them only feeling your desire to be of service to their needs, wants, desires, and values?

What would that make possible in your life? What would that be worth to you? What stops you from having that now?

Have you ever felt like you were being pushy” rather then skillful and elegant? Have you ever made someone uncomfortable when offering them a possibility? Have you ever felt attached to them “getting it”? Have you ever felt frustrated in achieving some outcome with someone in conversation? Have you ever felt like giving up in that context?

You have three options to accelerate your Sales Evolution:

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If you close just one more deal, or open one more relationship as a result of this information, it has MORE than paid for itself many times over.

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  • Uncovering and dissolving your limiting beliefs/decisions about
    • Yourself
    • Money
    • Your offering or Product
    • Your Clients or Prospects
  • Gain tools so that you can rapidly move through
    • Fear
    • Anxiety
    • Self-criticism [internal dialogue or “self talk”]
      • Allowing you to more rapidly integrate learnings and explode your results even further
  • Acquire skills so that:
    • You will never feel stuck
    • Others will never feel pressured
    • You will make more money by opening more relationships
  • Learn how to:
    • Build instant rapport on the phone or in person
    • Create interest and hone your offering
    • Sell to your prospect's deepest values such that they experience you being of authentic service to them
    • Develop a "Gap Analysis" to instantly demonstrate value to your potential client so they are eager to say yes
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    • Forget about "closing a deal" -- you will never have to again. Rather think about opening a relationship based on the clear value you are offering stated in the prospects own words
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    • Build in multiple referral systems so you never need to advertise for clients unless you WANT to
Gain a complete sales and enrollment system so that you can begin to treat your business like a business and perfect each aspect or "module" in the process.

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You have three options to accelerate your Sales Evolution:

  • Standard: Digital [only] download: $665.00
  • Premium: Digital AND hard copies of the CDs and Manual: $865.00
  • Premium Plus: Both digital and hard copies PLUS three 30-minute phone coaching sessions [1.5 hours] at 30% off my normal coaching rate. Use these sessions to further integrate the teachings into your life and look at even greater possibilities for you: $1,185.00

Once payment is received, digital copies are available within 48 hours. For Hard copies, please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Delivery costs are included in your payment.

Identity and Identification

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Part 1: Identification "The ultimate spiritual practice is dis-identifying from that which you think is you—objects in your awareness...” —Ken Wilber, Kosmic Consciousness On August 7th, 2006, my apartment burned downmy apartment burned down. I lost everything aside from my laptop and the majority of my clothing, which had luckily been moved the night before to another location. What do you do when your house burns down and you lose virtually all of your possessions? In the context of Personal Evolution, it is an opportunity. An opportunity to dis-identify from that which you think is you—and that which you have grown attached to. It is also an opportunity to explore just where and to what ”things” you are identified, or more accurately—to what degree. You may ask, “why?” or “for what purpose?” One of the aspects of the human experience that people could most benefit from is emotional freedom. To learn to become free from what is quite often self-generated misery. That is, the ability to respond rather than react. The ability to skip over the misery you need to move through anyway in order to uncover the solutions. The ability to rapidly overcome challenges. The ability to rapidly see the gift or the benefit to whatever painful experience we may have in our human being-ness. And above all, the ability to stay resourceful, or rapidly return to a place of centered authentic resourcefulness, in the face of great adversity. Notice the word “ability” repeatedly in those statements. It is a skill; an ability to develop. Developing “facility with Self”, that is, the ability to navigate your own interiors such that you can have choice…choice around your interpretive experience, choice around your evaluative experience, choice around and over your subjective experience in general. And, choice exercised for long enough becomes a habit. That habit becomes emotional freedom. If I were forced to pick just one...the practice of dis-identification is the single most powerful gateway to emotional freedom. The reality is, we are all identified with something to some degree. It may be to a large degree. It may be subtle and minute. The degree to which we are free from identification is largely the degree to which we are free emotionally around the object of identification. What do we identify with? It may be our finances. It may be our possessions. It may be our intimate relationship. It may be our political affiliation, our sexuality, our beliefs or our religion, our nationality, our ethnicity, our looks, or our bodies. It may be our reputation or our efficacy or our intelligence. Whatever the case or cases may be, this seems to be part of the human condition if left to our devices—if we do not practice dis-identification. Have you ever felt fear or panic at the loss of a possession only to later find it? Have you ever actually lost a possession and felt great sadness as a result? Have you ever become extremely defensive or aggressive when someone challenged a belief you held dear; defending it almost as if you were defending your very life? Have you ever experience extreme misery once a relationship ended to such a degree that you felt lost—literally uncertain of who you are without it? Have you ever felt severe shame or even despair when a behavioral choice you made resulted in a dramatic negative impact on your social or professional reputation? Did you contemplate suicide as a result? Do you know someone who did or has? These are all clear symptoms of an unconscious identification with the “object” or “concept” being challenged. That is to say that consciously [rarely] or unconsciously [often] you feel it actually is you. Do you have your possessions—or do they have you? Do you have your relationship—or does it have you? Do you have your reputation—or does it have you? Do you have your finances—or do they have you? Do you have your political positions—or do they have you? Do you have your spiritual beliefs—or do they have you? Do you have your emotional experience…or…does it have you? Of course the universal spiritual truth is that you are none of those things. Who you are is the Witness—your awareness; that which is observing it all. This is all well and good to intellectualize—to have the insight. Many have had the insight. Be it in prayer, through the reading of a particularly insightful book, in meditation, through the experience with a guru, or walking down the street one fine day. It is not the realizing it that brings freedom. Just as reading a book on finances does not make you a wise investor, it is the integration of this principle into every context of your life that will give you the freedom you desire and deserve. It is the integration of this principle that will ultimately have you experience more consistent joy, happiness, and peace. What would it be worth to you to have consistent access to those states? Having become clear on the what and the why, the question becomes: “how do we practice dis-identification?” The answer is simple, and not easy. Whenever we are identified with an object in our awareness, we will know from our emotions and/or our bodily sensations. When we imagine losing something—or think it will be taken from us, which is essentially the same—be it a limb, an intimate relationship, or a possession, do we feel fear? Panic? Do you feel a pulling sensation? A turn in your stomach? An uneasiness, etc.? Once we notice this, then the practice is to detach from it through observation. Objectify the sensation in a positive way—become fascinated by it. In this moment, notice you are not the sensation. You are not your fear or your panic or your compulsion or your desire. You have it, but it does not have to have you. You are not it. Who you are is the watcher, the observer, the Witness. You are consciousness. Pure awareness. Do this often. It is a skill; a muscle to build. And just as when you visit the gym for the first time ever, or for the first time in a long while, the movements at first may seem uncoordinated and unpracticed. They may seem awkward. However, just as with any skill to be developed, from kinesthetic to artistic to intellectual to sexual to communicative, it takes practice to become efficacious. It may not be easy at first, but it will become more and more so. And the easier it becomes and the more practiced you become at it, you will begin to notice the tremendous benefits and results of your skill. You will begin to navigate your own interiors. You will begin to experience greater and greater choice and freedom. And in the space of that freedom, your natural birthright will be uncovered and arise, bubbling to the surface. Your natural human nature—innocence, joy, playfulness, spontaneity, and true happiness. Happiness from within. Happiness arising from the purity and cleanliness of your own consciousness. Once enough of us have reached that stage, and have consistent access to it—once it is our center of gravity—then we will have truly conspired in happiness. We will have collaborated to create a world in which we all want to belong.


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