System Requirements

System Requirements

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System Requirements


Operating Systems Supported:

Mac OS X  v10.5 or Later
Windows XP, VIsta, Windows 7  or later

Unix, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. ... uh ... yeah. Sure. Probably.

And if you are running a Unix box, you probably don't need this page.

Browsers Supported:

The site and the site tutorials are both heavily reliant on HTML5. As a result, the site tutorials are best viewed in Mozilla's FireFox v14.1 or later. Google Chrome v20.0 or later get a higher HTML5 rating, but some users have reported problems with videos loading using Chrome.

However, the following browsers and their corresponding versions should work:

Firefox v12 and later
Safari v4.5 and later
Opera v10.1 and later
Google Chrome v18.0 or later

Microsoft Internet Explorer v9.0 and later

If you have any question about your browser working with HTML 5, go to this web pagethis web page and it will test it for you automatically:


Other Tech Requirements and Information (video and audio)


The Video and Audio Codecs

Video Codec:

All of the video screencasts are encoded in h.264 using the .mp4 format, and displayed using the HTML5 element for video and audio should play fine in your browser as long as you meet the browser requirements above.

It is the only true cross-platform web-enabled format aside from the bug-ridden Flash.

Additionally, we have included a download link for each video also in h.264 but using the .mov format. What this means to you is that you will need to download Quicktime 7.0 or later if you do not already have it installed to play the videos once you download them and are not using the browser to view them.

All audio is in MP3 and uses the HTML5 audio element to play in your browser.

Getting Support


You can email us for support using the contact form. If you do so, please be sure you have read this and are in comliante with the requirements. If you are not, be sure you have updated your browser to the most recent version and you are in compliance with the system requirements first. Then, when emailing, please include your OS and version, your browser and its version, and be as specific as possible when describing the problem. If you are receiving an error, please type the exact text of the error in your message along with the other information already stated.

If you are having trouble with a specific page, please provide all of the above plus the URL of the page you are having trouble with.

This will help the process of supporting you be much, much more efficient, and you will get a faster response.


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