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Professional Evolution℠


Get coached by one of the most broadly educated minds in the business of personal development and coaching. From advanced mental technologies freeing you up emotionally to search engine optimization, to social networking, to specific sales and marketing strategies proven to dramatically increase your results in the world in general and with each and every prospective client specifically.

Jason McClain is available for individuals seriously committed to accelerating their Professional Evolution. Check for availability by using the »contact form« on this site.

Accept the mindsets, gain the organizing principles, acquire the skill, and dissolve what has stopped you in the past so that you can become an Evolutionary Professional; the leading edge of the 21st Century Marketplace. The professional who is living the integrated life; gaining wealth as a result of packaging their spiritual purpose as an offering in service of others.

Learn from someone who began their path 20 years ago and has the deep commitment to being of service to your financial success and your alignment to your spiritual fulfillment. The program below is for one-on-one Guidance with Jason.


Part 0: Prelude

  • Outcome Clarification
    • What do you want to achieve or resolve in our time together?
    • How would you know when you had that? What would you be seeing feeling hearing, doing and/or experiencing?
    • What you do think has been stopping you from having that? An emotional block? A limiting self belief? Simply a lack of knowledge or skill? How the world "is" from your perspective? Conflicts about money?
  • Detailed Personal History
    • Which significant emotional events shaped the way you view the world, yourself, people. money, spirituality etc. That is, shaped or formed your beliefs that limit you
    • Which negative emotional patterns do you experience? Fear? Guilt? Shame? Sadness? Self-doubt?
    • Timed exercise to uncover shadow beliefs or parts of your self that are out of alignment with your ultimate vision for yourself


Phase 1, Part 1: Clearing

Using advanced mental technologies and understanding the structure of subjective experience, we clear out anything that we discovered in the prelude is stuck in the basement or holding you back. Much of it, according to conventional wisdom, can not be changed. Some elements have people choosing therapy for years yielding few results. We achieve in several hours what many believe to be unachievable:

  • Dissolve blocks or inoculate you from your emotional stops
  • Radically reduce or eliminate self-doubt
  • Transform significant emotional experiences that were intense enough at the time for you to decide something about yourself or the world or relationships
  • Shatter limiting beliefs created in your formative years--sometimes out of protection, sometimes out of a need to make sense and create order out of a chaotic situation(s)--freeing your spirit to thrive

Phase 1, Part 2

In this phase, we lay the groundwork for your business success by setting the stage for your marketability, as well as your level of fulfillment. We do that by doing or distinguishing the following:

  • Accept several organizing principles that increase your probability for exceeding your goals and maximize every contact with your self and others for learning and expansion
  • Distinguish your deepest values to be certain your business is organized around them and embodies them
  • Create a Marketable Identity or "brand" [who are you for your clients?]
  • Distinguishing you and your offering from the marketplace as unique
  • Accurately describe what you do more than the common terms in your vertical
  • Be memorable and intriguing
  • Create your "elevator pitch" so you can describe what you do between stops on the elevator; think of it as a movie trailer--a little excitement, a little mystery, and a little logo/brand [what do you do for your clients?]
  • Clarifying your life's or spiritual purpose [why do you do what you do? What higher or deeper purpose or value does it serve ultimately?]
  • Create structures and flowcharts for your business. This allows you to track your efficacy in each area as well as have a high level structure to fall back on if you get lost in the process with your clients or prospects
  • Create sustainable, comprehensive offerings or packages for your clients and prospects [what do you do with your clients, and what phases and stages will they move through?]
  • Learn about web 2.0 technologies and marketing angles including S.E.O., blogging, effective yet inexpensive web sites, social networks, podcasting, etc.
  • Learn how to have your mind work for you in specific and powerful ways, rather than having your mind work you.


Phase 2: Education and Skill Development

These are not just distinctions to learn below, but skills to develop--they take practice, like a new golf swing, or being on a snowboard for the first time, or an awkward moment ice-skating, or a new movement in the gym you are learning. It takes time and practice to become competent. appropriate. The second most important organizing principle a solopreneur needs to accept to be truly successful is to accept that they are a sales professional first and foremost.
Your prosperity flows from two things, working in tandem:
  1. Your Purpose [spirituality, fulfillment, the "why"]
  2. Your ability to influence others to take action [sales and marketing]


Included in this phase:

  • Learn to sell using Evolutionary Sales™
    • Coming from a place of service and contribution, you will inspire people towards their vision for themselves--and then leverage them beyond their limitations
    • Utilize permission based selling
    • Open relationships rather than "close deals"
    • Elegantly influence them through inquiry if necessary in a way that never has anyone report that they felt "sold" by you.
    • Discover and accept that it is never about the rates or fees--it is about the value perception you create
    • Learn that you are not selling a product or a service--certainly not your product or service. You are selling them on their vision for their life--and what possibilities will open up for them in their relationships, their own body, their finances, their connection to Spirit. You show them that gateway--that door to a life they can and will have
    • Then you hand them a key to open the door. The key is your product or service. Your fees will seem insignificant at almost any level
    • You better darned well deliver
  • Learn to present effectively in front of a group [and individuals]
    • View every event or group you speak at or in front of as an opportunity for prospect and client acquisition, and be open about that in booking the event as well as in the first 2 minutes with the audience, regardless of size. Get permission, and set context.
    • Be effective
    • Be relaxed
    • Be interesting
    • Provide indisputable value


Phase 3: Practice, Integration, Troubleshooting and Fine-Tuning

Oh, there will be practice. There will be obstacles to remove. There will be feedback to incorporate. New muscles must be built. Adjustments will need to be made to language and offerings. Integration must occur so that you are behaving from these new skills and organizing principles.

Just imagine, having completed this program a few months from now, and imagine having the mindsets and organizing principles in place to maximize the benefits of every successful interaction--as well as every unexpected failure. Imagine being free form your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Imagine having clarity around who you are, what you offer, why you offer it, and what you are worth in terms of the value you are providing to the world.

And as you think about that, imagine also having the confidence in your ability to influence others to take action for the purpose of them finally having the experience or the life that they have always wanted. Then imagine that as a result of all of that, you can predict your increases in income with eerie accuracy. And you are more connected to your purpose, and ultimately, the divine.

If you are curious about how to start the process, contact us now to schedule your complimentary exploratory session.


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