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The Love of Your Life | Your Infinite Valentine

What was your Valentine's Day experience like? Was it fulfilling? Unsatisfying? Beautiful? Lonely? Reflective? I know I am asking a lot of questions here, but was it what you hoped? Did you go out with the girls to commiserate? Go out with the guys to prowl? Did you stay at home pining for a lost love and reminiscing and crying? You can have someone who can fulfill you. Someone who will always support you. Someone who will always be there. Someone who matches your values, interests, and vision for the world. That person is also looking for you. They love you. The question is, how deeply are you related to them? How much do you believe in them? How much do you love them? How committed to them are you? Because, you see, your life partner is right around the corner. Walk around the corner into the bathroom and look in the mirror and pick one eye and tell them you love them unconditionally. Do it until tears well up in their eyes. Until they are convinced. I mean it. Do it now. Your happiness and the possibility of your fulfillment is entirely within you. You are the love of your life. The completion you are looking for. And how can you have a fulfilling relationship with another until you are fulfilled within yourself? You can not. Not really. A truly fulfilling relationship can happen when you no linger need another [person, thing, possession, acknowledgment, reflection, compliment, lover] to be happy. One you have achieved that stage of egoic expansion, then you can have true love. Overflowing love. Unattached yet commited love. Once you realize that the source of your fulfillment lies within...and you expewrience that...then you are truly free. Not that we should not seek connection and greater levels of fullness in our synergistic inter-dependency with others. Indeed, we will. AND we will do it once we are full within ourselves and our cup can overflow without the need to have our thirst and hunger sated by another equally un-whole-sum being. The path is harder. It is more qork. It is more rewarding and leads to more sustainable happiness--that you can share with others should you choose. They will feel freer a s well as they will sense you do not need them--and that give them freedom. Well, unless they are basing their bvalue on your need for them, in which case, refer them to this article and my site. Heh. I started I.D.E.A. to give people access to emotional freedom. To egoic stability and solidity. To give them choice. And I am a romantic. I have had epic poetic love where rose petals were scattered about on many occasions. I have my heart to others and almost lost my soul to them more than once.
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