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Self Hypnosis: The Voices in Your Head [Part 2 of 2]

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Awareness is the Gateway



As always it starts with awareness. Most people are not even aware they talk to themselves. In fact, there are likely some of you reading this, saying to yourselves inside your head right now, “what voice in my head? What’s this guy talking about? I don’t talk to myself!” Others are aware of their thoughts and internal dialogue, but judge it, beating themselves up for negative self-talk. If ever there was an ironic twist to missing the point that would be it. Imagine that your unconscious mind is the five-year-old who is listening to every word you say as if it is Holy Scripture. Would you talk to yourself the same way? Once you develop awareness, then you must develop your facility with perceptual positions. It is only from the Observer position of that of Witness that you can give yourself clean feedback, and shift your thoughts to one of resource.
1. Practice awareness [meta-cognition] 2. Develop facility with perceptual position 3. Add positive and resourceful phrases and imaginings




To fully experience the power of intentional self-hypnosis, I recommend the following practice. Do it daily. Do it morning and night. Do it intentionally until it becomes the new habit pattern of your mind such that when you adjust your rear-view mirror, when you walk down the street, when you are about to go into a meeting, what is happening habitually and “naturally” is you are hearing positive thoughts and seeing positive images. And…you are aware of it all the while.
1. Pick 3 sentences you need to hear, believe, or accept. 2. Look in the mirror. As you do, pick one eye to stare into. 3. Say each sentence 5 times using second person language as if you are talking to the you “over there” 4. Notice how it feels [any resistance, incongruence or conflict, relief, joy, etc.
Some examples are:
  • You will achieve all you desire
  • You are on track
  • You will enjoy a long life and vibrant health
  • You can do anything
  • You are loved [or safe, etc.]
  • You’re awareness is becoming more and more acute
Pick your own. Which sentences you pick again depend on your particular outcomes, your needs, and your personal hurdles.


Optimizing Your Results


Use only positive language. Notice I did not say, “do not use negation” or “do not use negative language”. That is because the unconscious mind does not understand negation. If I say, “do not think of a pink elephant, with yellow polka dots, and a small palm tree growing out of its head”, what do you imagine? At best it is a two-step process, so always use positive language. One common mistake is to say things like: You will not fail You will overcome this illness I will not be rejected Etc. While these may seem like positive messages, the focus for your unconscious mind is on the problem; failure, illness, rejection. A simple way to train your mind to use positive language is to ask, “what do I want instead?” Some people ask, “Why pick just one eye?” You cannot look in both eyes simultaneously with a direct gaze. If you switch back and forth, uncertain or unable to choose just one, that is also less direct. A direct gaze is more powerful and more hypnotic. The suggestions go in more easily and deeper. Try it all three ways, you should feel a tangible difference when choosing just one and gazing directly. If you do this daily, it will become a habit. Your self-talk—your internal dialogue—will become more and more positive. Self-doubt will melt away more and more. And you will find yourself being hopeful, optimistic, and engaged in positive self-hypnosis as if it were second nature. You will reap the benefits and experience the results. Cross posted @ Personal Life Media Personal Life Media
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