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Evolutionary Sales: Application Question: Phone Sales

Michael, an Evolutionary Sales listener asks:
My questions are what if the receptionist says that the decision maker doesn’t take incoming calls, you can only reach him by email or leaving a message with me? Also, if the decision maker says there not interested in a sales call, what do you do?
Good questions Michael. There is always a way. Maybe you need to dial another extension and play Columbo and say you were trying to reach so-and-so [decision maker]. You could also ask: what do I need to do to be interesting enough for him/her to take the call? If the decision maker says they are not interested in a sales call then you need to tailor your opening line. What would they be interested in? For instance: "If I could show you how to save 20% on lead generation, would that be interesting to you? Great. Do you have 15 minutes to discuss that?" It is implied you are making a sales call--and you have generated interest and received permission. Thanks Michael. Keep those listener questions coming!
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