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Evolutionary Sales: Episode 1 and 2: Your Foundation for Your Success

As I have written recently, there has been a shift in the marketplace. In the 20th Century marketplace sales people talked about "closing deals" at best. At worst they talked about "shooting their prospects down like they were ducks in a shooting gallery". This is not exactly a metaphor we should be living into as we evolve as a culture--and not a metaphor the leading edge of the marketplace will any longer support in the profit centers of the global marketplace, or the Functioning Core, as Dr. Thomas Barnett would say. I actually had a CEO [my boss] one time tell me that I should "pound their door down" to get a meeting. While people who watch me walk often ask if I was a football player, I responded: "how 'bout I dance my way through it?" He barked back: "I don't care how you do it, just get the client!" That CEO had a team of incredibly skilled top producers from other organizations. All of us were highly developed and into personal development as a lifestyle. Some of us had already led courses--even though we were barely 30 years old. We all left for other endeavors as a result of his management style. Not long after the company was in disarray and its assets and database had to be liquidated. That process only took two years once he had assumed control and had the sales team report directly to him. Welcome to the 21st Century Marketplace. Evolve and come from a foundation of support and contribution, or wither away. I have even recently heard sales trainers speak of manipulating your clients or "hypnotic" sales and other language that speaks of your treating prospects and clients as if they were objects, rather than a trusted adviser and powerful guide in improving their life, department, results, etc. Rather than a guide in assisting them in making their own dreams a reality. This subject-object way of relating to people is old thinking and it is sales for the last century. I talked at length in the prologue about this shift in the marketplace--as well as the foundation you need to come from to be at the forefront of sales professionals and the evolving 21st Century Marketplace. Be sure you have listened to that prologue to get the most from the Evolutionary Sales podcasts. You may even considering listening to it over and over again. In Episode 1 and 2, I talk about your emotional foundation and give you powerful tools that have been developed over the last 30 plus years to rapidly shift your emotional state to be of service to your clients and prospects. Not that your life still will not have ups and downs--it will--but you will be able to more rapidly move through them. Move through them more rapidly than many people even think possible. And for what purpose? Obviously, so you can produce greater results. But for what purpose? And what is "Evolutionary Sales"? Evolutionary Sales is defined as such: "inspiring another toward their vision of what is possible, and using advanced tools to leverage them beyond their limitations". Once you are in service of a vision of what is possible with your product or service that comes from their own mouth, it then becomes your duty to leverage them beyond their limitations. That, my friends, is Evolutionary Sales. This foundation allows you to use some of the most influential linguistic and interpersonal dynamic skills currently available while still being of service to them--and they will feel, see, hear, smell, and taste the difference. At least for now. I envision a time in the not-so-distant future when truly effective sales professionals and trusted advisers will need to be capable of truly trans-personal states. But that is another story for another time. Why should you care? You may already be very good at motivating and influencing people such that you prosper well. The reason you shoul care is if you are already good, you will inherently be involved in improving, developing, and yes, evolving your self. But even beyond that, you will feel more fulfilled and frankly happier if come form the deeper structure of the Evolutionary Sales Process. That is the purpose. To have a more fulfilling experience for yourself and provide a more fulfilling experience for your clients and prospects. Move from success to signifigance. Move from subject-object thinking to relational thinking. Move from the 20th Century Marketplace to the 21st Century Marketplace. Want to start now? Subscribe to these podcasts. Don't want to wait a year to get all the information? Buy Evolutionary Sales now and own the whole system as well as an opportunity to have me coach you directly on how to integrate it into your daily sales practices. Whether your challenge is how to be comfortable on the phone or how to increase your opening [used to be close] ratio, I would be honored to be your Guide.
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