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Wealth-A-Palooza | Prosperity Intensive & Celebration for a Thriving Community

Imagine a day that fully serves all aspects of your being. Like really: your body, your mind, your Spirit. AND your skills, your business, your environmental organization, your social media marketing, your sales system ... your purpose and your prosperity.

A day truly in service of your body, your mind, your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual alignment--alignment with your purpose in the world--while giving you all the tools necessary as well as the knowledge, insights, and opportunity to begin developing the skills necessary to turn your purpose-driven business into a serious cash driving machine.

Not just empty promises and hypnotic hope, but rock-solid, tangible value.

And then, throw in a boomin' burning man style party with off the hook dj s to give you all the wompin' bass enough healthy high-vibrational food to have you shake your booty 'til the wee hours...

Wouldn't that be just amazing?  Heck yes, it would!

Welcome to Wealth-A-Palooza ::: Prosperity Intensive and Celebration for a Thriving Community

5 Experts Tightly Woven Together in a One Day Intensive, Presenting on:

  • Money ::: the nature of it and how to use it as a tool--rather it using you.
  • Alignment ::: aligning your body, mind, heart, and environment for resonating integrity and flow
  • Social Media Marketing ::: tribal marketing that allows you to be *in community* instead of thinking you have to go it alone
  • How to Set up Automated Passive Income streams on the internet
  • How to Sell from a Place of Service and Contribution--while *increasing* your results--without compromising your heart-based, holistic values.

And then, a master NLP trainer to weave the day together so your unconscious mind can better integrate the volumes of information, insights, skills, processes and expert knowledge you were just exposed to.

AND ... yes, of course, then a party to groove your body and bounce your booty to.  

Oh yeah, and Wealth-A-Palooza is ridiculously under-priced.  There are only 200 seats available. Get yours now while they lastGet yours now while they last

For more details about the event, your facilitators, and to grab your seat, go HEREHERE now.

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