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Teleseminar ::: 3 components for a 6-figure practice ::: Talks and Technology


Monday, April 26th, @ 7pm Pacific. You MUST register to be on the call. Do register for the call, click HEREHERE


The audio for this call is now available below [click play] :::




It is no secret you need to give away content in today's marketplace. 

Not just because people need to be able to get a deeper sense of you and your approach to life, work, and the services you provide, but also as a result of the amount and degree of choice in the marketplace. They need to understand and "get" at a deeper level the difference between you and the other service providers out there.

It is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from others, demonstrate competence, and also provide value to those who may or may not be able to afford you.

AND, what stands in the way between you and their eyeballs, ears, and allowing them to "feel" you is your ability to present in person, or over the web, and your mastery of the tools of technology that are abundant and freely available to us in today's net-centric world.

Technology. Most practitioners I have met hate it. Most practitioners must develop some competency with it--unless and until you can just pay someone to handle it for you. BUT even then, you will want to know enough to keep your consultants honest. Take it from me.

Allow me to contribute to you by demystifying much of the "magical" and for most--overwhelming--world of technology.

In this free teleseminar we will cover :::


  • The 4 learning types and how to integrate them into any presentation platform to keep your audience engaged
  • Blogging ::: including
    • Blogging platforms and the benefits and drawbacks of each of the available open source platforms
    • Do's and don'ts of blogging
  • Evening talks and how to:
    • Write them
    • Market them
    • Key components you must incorporate them so you can utilize them as "client acquisition events"
  • Teleseminars 
  • Which social-networking sites are a waste of your time, which ones matter, and why


Monday, April 26th, @ 7pm Pacific.

You MUST register to be on the call. To register for the call, click HEREHERE

As always, I will be taking questions live, so if you have questions about any of this tech stuff or presenting, be sure to be on the call.

Oh--and to get a free trial, for what I think is the best teleseminar service out there--that allows you to call on people by name, "pass the mic" to them, and create break-out groups if you are leading a tele-class or series of tele-seminars, and a bunch more super cool technology to make your life as an entrepreneur easier and your business thrive with more profitability, click HERE.

Rumor has it, they will be adding webinar/screen casting functionality soon, too. SHHHHHHHSHHHHHHH

In Service,



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