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Spiritual Capitalism ::: The Teleseminar Series ::: Integrating Your Purpose and Your Prosperity

In the times we face today, it has never been more challenging or more urgent that we integrate our purpose and our spiritual sensibilities with our wealth acquisition strategies.

And ... it is tough. We've all faced some degree of the belief that our spirit and our wealth is in conflict. Sadly, in the last few years, this has come into even higher relief; even greater contrast.

Not only can we integrate our purpose and our prosperity, but we must

In this evening introduction, we will cover:

  • The 3 critical components for building and maintaining a 6-figure practice
  • How to sell without selling; sell from a place of service and contribution
  • How to turn your initial consultations into results

What else will we cover?

  •  "Tricks of the Trade" including :::
    • 4 strategies successful coaches and practitioners engage in on a regular basis to maintain their practice
    • 3 critical techniques to turn your initial consultations into results
  • The Number 1 Mistake that Practitioners and Coaches make in their marketing strategy and their copy writing
    • [and it’s solution]

We'll get into how to create and hone your extended offering/package for clients. We'll talk about how to give talks, blog, and give teleseminars to acquire clients. And yes, we'll get into Evolutionary Sales™.

A system I will hand over to you in this talk. Fine-tuned, and streamlined over years of trial and error.


When?  ::: Monday, November 21st @ 7:30pm Pacific

Followed by:

Monday, November 28th @ 7:30pm Pacific
Monday, December 5th @ 7:30pm Pacific
Monday, December 12th @ 7:30pm Pacific


Where? ::: On the phone or in your web browser on your computer.  
Register « HERE »


Why ...

I believe that right now is the time for the Evolutionary Professional™. The emergent agent of change integrating purpose and wealth; doing well as a result of doing good-- integrating universal spiritual principles and free market economics. I understand that the more of you I empower to be successful, and have a full-time practice that is thriving, the better off the world will be.

And if you have read this far ... you sense the same thing. Join us:

Register « HERE » for the first call.

Update ::: recordings for the calls are now here:







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