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Resolving Your Past | Creating Your Future

Imagine having a tool in your toolbox that was so versatile it could resolve fears and traumas from the past--and could also create magical results for you and your clients in the future...

For years now, many people have asked me to teach and/or demonstrate certain NLP methods and processes.

This is the first in a series born out of me finally saying yes to that request.

After 17 years of being a Master Practitioner, there are really only about 5 main processes I use because of the scope of what they can address as well as the depth at which they work. In other words, they can handle pretty much everything and anything mentally and emotionally.

One of those is my own modified version of Dr Tad James' Time Line Therapy.

In this free 90-minute event I will demonstrate and teach the principles involved that make it effective as both a tool for resolution as well as how to create magical results in your future.

•Create magical financial as well as personal results in your future
•Resolve past traumatic experiences
•Dissolve habitual emotional
•Integrate the power of your unconscious mind, your self-concept, the law of attraction, and your unconscious organization of time to create futures

And so many other uses.

This is one of those "must-know" processes for effective coaches and practitions. Something you will want to have in your tool bag--even if you think you already know it, you will be enriched by learning this version of it--and the underlying principles.

Serve your clients and yourself more effectively. Start by RSVPing for this event and adding this to your tool box. Use the contact form here to find out the exact location.

When: Tuesday, July 31st @ 7:15pm
Where: Del Mar-ish, San Diego [RSVP for exact location]
Why: See above

In Service,


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