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Prosperity Through Purpose | Integrating Wealth and Fulfillment | 6-Figure Practice

"May you live in interesting times."-Chinese Proverb

We do indeed live in interesting times. We stand at a fascinating and precarious crossroads at this time in history.  And as with all such situations, there is an incredible opportunity right now to reassess, take inventory, and commit to integrating our wealth acquisition strategies with your deepest spiritual principles. To be of service--and to become prosperous as a result of, rather than instead of, such a commitment.

Those who are in the arts and who have holistic training have the greatest opportunity of all to do so.

I read recently that the vast majority of coaches and practitioners never make over $25,000/year. This is more than unfortunate. Frankly, it borders on tragic. Mostly because they either give up, or, worse, for a belief that it isn't possible to live comfortably and live their purpose. That is a sad waste of resources that could be applied to evolving consciousness on this planet. And it does not have to be so. Not only can you become prosperous as a result of living your purpose through serving others--but if we can, we must.

For some, the "how" is simply missing. For others, their beliefs about money or themselves--or their offering or service--is in the way. For still others, there is a combination of all of that.

Whether any of that is true for you or not, what is true in reality is that you can have a thriving holistic business in service of others leading to emotional and spiritual fulfillment for you, and ultimately, a better world for all. If you know how and do the personal work to get out of your own way.

This is a free mini-workshop for coaches and holistic practitioners of any any modality.

  • The 3 Necessary Components to to build and maintain a 6-figure holistic practice
  • How to sell without ever selling--coming from a place of service
  • How to structure talks and introductory workshops so that they practically write themselves
  • Ways to reveal and dissolve the beliefs you've inherited--or created--that are blocking you from success and fulfillment
  • How to create and organize a comprehensive offering to serve the client more fully
  • Other cool and incredibly useful stuff

What: Purpose Through Prosperity | Components for Your 6-Figure Practice
When: Wednesday, February 27th @ 7pm - 9pm
Where: SOMA, San Francisco »RSVP« for exact location

Why: To live a more fulfilled and integrated life.

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