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Evening for Practitioners ::: The Three Necessary Components | Success is not Magic ::: It is Systematic

"I doubled my business in the first two months of the program [Coaching the Life Coach by Jason McClain!       --Boston Blake, Massage Therapist

There are only a few components successful coaches and practitioners must incorporate into their practice to turn it into a business. At the same time, you can be “doing” these things, and still be unsuccessful unless you have the necessary techniques and ethical tactics incorporated into the components.

Not just the “how” but “how specifically”.

In this free evening discover:

  • The 3 Necessary Components for Building and Maintaining a 6-Figure Practice
    • How to construct talks and tele-seminars so that your students and attendees
      • Learn and retain more information and learnings
      • Have maximum opportunity to engage in your products or services without feeling "sold" or "pitched to"
    • How to design a comprehensive offering
    • How to turn initial consultations into results (90% conversion rate from prospects to clients)
  • 7 "Tricks of the Trade" including:
    • 4 strategies successful coaches and practitioners engage in on a regular basis to maintain their practice
    • 3 critical techniques to turn your initial consultations into results
  • The Number 1 Mistake that Practitioners and Coaches make in their marketing strategy and copy writing
    • [and its solution]
Yes. All in two hours. Yes, for free.


This from a former student :::

"Jason McClain is the real deal. His personal life story makes the stories of both Tony Robbins and Christopher Howard look like happy-go-lucky children’s books. He has been quoted as saying, 'if I can be happy and successful anyone can'.

"He built a 6-figure practice from scratch with an intangible service ::: “Personal EvolutionPersonal Evolution”. Something no one wakes up in the morning and thinks they need or looks for. His success was as a result of the incredible efficacy of the system he developed by trial and error."  --M.D.

A system I will hand over to you in this talk. Fine-tuned, streamlined ... optimized.

"I believe that right now is the time for the Evolutionary Professional™. The emergent agent of change integrating purpose and wealth; doing well as a result of doing good-- integrating universal spiritual principles and free market economics. I understand that the more of you I empowers to be successful, and have a full-time practice that is thriving, the better off the world will be.

Evolving the planet one client at a time is great, but it is horribly inefficient. *laughing* Let’s accelerate the process together."  --Jason D McClain


Jason D McClain will lead this talk.

Acquire knowledge from one of the most broadly educated minds in the coaching business always innocently irreverent, funny, affable, approachable, and obviously committed to serving you by delivering dense value in his talks, expect the tips you will learn in this evening to bear immediate and lasting fruit in your business and in your life.

Bring something to take notes with. Be ready to implement effective ethical strategies to dramatically increase your income as well as your levels of fulfillment.

Isn't it about time?

What ::: Evening for Practitioners
When ::: Tuesday, October 12th @ 7:30pm
Where ::: San Francisco in the Inner Sunset [9th and Judah-ish]

RSVP for exact address.

Evening for Practitioners ::: The Three Necessary ...
Creating Comprehensive Offerings | Sustainability ...

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