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Growing Your Practice in 2013


The Secret Sauce




Here is the first secret for you: you don’t need to trade fulfillment for wealth--or wealth for fulfillment.

While it used to be true that money and spirituality were somehow in conflict, it is no longer necessarily accurate--in fact, it is hundreds of years out of date.

In the times we face today it has never become more obvious that not only should we integrate our spiritual sensibilities and our wealth aquisition strategies, but we must. There is no longer any reason to trade fulfillement for wealth--or wealth for fulfillment. 

It is time for us to integrate this.
Often as practitioners, we struggle to even make ends meet. I read recently that the vast majority of coaches and holistic practitioners never make over $25,000 a year from their coaching business. This borders on tragic. I have heard some wonder out loud if it is even possible to create a triving practice that produces consistent income that will provide a comfortable standard of living.
The short answer is: of course it is. It is not only possible, but it is probable--with the right systems and structures in place. No one needs to take a vow of poverty in order to help people and be in service of their outcomes--nor should we.


“I doubled my income in the first 2 months of Jason’s Coaching the Life Coach program."  --Boston Blake



What if you knew how to systematically build and maintain a practice that had between 12 and 20 clients weekly? To create a practice that maintained between $8,000 and $12,000 a month? To turn your “practice” into a business.
And what if you knew how to do it within 6 to 8 months starting from zero?
That is what this course is designed to proivide for you. Systematically.

Coaching The Life Coach is a 16-week course--all digital and all on-line--that teaches you everything you need to know to build and maintain a 6-figure coaching or holistic practice. To "turn your practice into a business".

Sure, this is a course that you can buy. But you’re not really buying a course at all. What you are buying is a step-by-step guide that literally covers everything you need to know to turn your practice into a successful business. What you are buying is what it will make possible for you and for your loved ones. What you are buying is a gateway to the confidence and security in knowing your financial future is under your control and that you can create wealth and prosperity in a fulfilling way--by doing good in the world. What you are buying is the ease that comes from that.
That is what you are signing up for.
That, AND everything you need to turn that knowledge into results; this course is carefully designed to be at a pace to stretch you, but make sure you are able to integrate and put into practice what you are learning along the way.
Live a more fulfilling life by integrating your purpose and your prosperity.


How do we turn your practice into a business? We do it by:


  • Dissolving your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks
  • Teaching you how to build a comprehensive offering or “package” for your clients providing them with sustainable and deep change and you with financial sustainibility
  • Creating a marketable identity
  • Creating and publishing your website and blog
  • Understanding and leveraging social media to market your brand and your services
  • Learning how to give regular introductory talks as an engine for new clients
  • Distinguishing your Purpose; the “why” you are doing it
  • And sales: using Evolutionary Sales to turn your initial consultations into client-singing events without ever having them or you feel like you are "selling"


Oh … sales.

Right. Sales.


Ok. Let's chat about sales for a minute ...


As a holistic practitioner, you are sensitive to dynamics that do not feel right and you truly want to be of service to your prospective clients. You--rightly so--want to make sure they never feel pressured. And they never should--they do not need to be.

At the same time, if you have been in business for yourself for any length of time, you have come to realize that if you do not learn how to ethically learn to influence people to take action you will never be able to assist them in realizing the life they have always wanted, dreamed of, and perhaps have come to you to assist them in finally achieving. 

In a sense, this is your first test as their coach, guide, or practitioner.

AND ... "you gotta eat" as they say. The reality is, if you do not have financial sustainability, you will not be able to serve for very long before your own financial concerns become a barrier to your service.

The truth is, you need to learn to “sell”--but sell without compromising your values of service, contribution, and without violating your strong sense of ethics. In fact, you can come from a place of service and contribution while you sell—and be even more effective than those other icky sales approaches that we have all experienced.

That is why you will learn the latest version of Evolutionary Sales™ in this course.

Evolutionary Sales™ applied specifically to your coaching business or holistic practice. Integrating Eastern spiritual sensibilities and advanced Western communication tools and market principles—all coming from a platform of service and contribution.

A sales system so clean you can be transparent with the prospective client about the motivations for each and every sales technique or ”tactic”. A system so effective you do not even need to learn how to deal with “objections” because they virtually never happen and no, I don't teach how to "overcome" objections. With the this sales system you won't need to unless they are objections that should be honored--not "overcome".


Success is not Magic


It is Systematic



That is the “what” I am here to Guide you to do: integrate your purpose and your prosperity. Giving you the tools and insights you need to:


  • Provide clients with sustainable of change
  • Provide yourself with financial sustainability
  • Live a more fulfilled life as a result

The “why” is clear: you are here because you have an inner desire to integrate your spiritual life more fully—and be prosperous. To do well in the material world as a result of doing good.

The “how” is simple, provided you have a Guide who has already walked the path. It may not be easy, but it is simple. There are 3 components to building a 6-figure coaching business.


  • Create a comprehensive offering or series of sessions
  • Provide free accessible content and introductions to your work
  • Learn and use an ethical sales system


That, and, well, be a living example of the work you do—have that area of your life squared away. You know, don’t be a chain smoker specializing in resolving addictions. Or the morbidly obese person selling weight-loss hypnosis packages. Or the relationship coach who can not maintain healthy or fulfilling relationships. Etc. 


We could add that as a 4th component, but I like to say it is the background—the canvas—that the 3 components are drawn on. The foundation they all stand on.


Of course there is an overwhelming number of smaller moving parts within each of those 3 components; moving parts that this course will address very specifically, step-by-step, and unpack for you.


“Jason McClain is the real deal; from his broad business acumen to his spiritual understandings and practical knowledge. Starting at zero, my coaching practice made $38,000 in just the first 5 months as a direct result of his guidance. I did not even think it was possible. Listen closely though—he is part spiritual guru and part business badass—and you never know when he is going to casually reveal some tid-bit that is priceless.”

--Destin Gerek, International Speaker, Trainer, and Coach


Some of the stuff we will cover and guide you through. All the “How-To's"


Learn how to fill your practice and keep it as full as you want


  • Learn to sell with integrity--from a place of service and contribution—so that 
    the prospect literally sells themselves
  • Create value perceptions such that you hardly ever hear "I can't afford it" again
  • Build loyal clients and turn them into prospecting representatives for your business
  • Create referral systems to support effortless prospect and lead generation
  • Develop multiple streams of prospects so you can turn the money 
    faucet on and off when you need or want
  • Enjoy conversion rates of over 70, 80, and yup, even 90% are not only 
    possible—they are inevitable--with the Evolutionary Sales™ system
  • Have tools to eliminate and manage your own emotional experience
  • Fear, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, sadness, and/or guilt
  • Continue to develop and build your own healthy sense of self
  • Be confident in the value your service brings to their lives and--by extension
    your rates
  • Put systems in place to track your effectiveness at every stage of the 
    client relationship
  • Get your website up and running in just a few hours—even if you’ve never done 
    anything like that before
  • Understand how to use twitter, facebook, and social media in general to promote 
    your business while being aware of the do’s and don’ts that really do matter
  • Understand and leverage email marketing
  • Distinguish your life's purpose so that you can and will:
  • Use it as a life raft to keep your head and heart in the game
  • Stay inspired enough to infuse that into what you create and produce
  • Be fulfilled while acquiring wealth


In sum: Turn Your Practice into a viable and sustainable Business. Be happier. Be more fulfilled. And become prosperous as a result of offering your deepest gifts to the world--that which you are called to do.


And this course really does cover it all ...


"The Coaching the Life Coach Program is the best thing I've done for my personal and professional development."

--David Martin, International Speaker, Founder of Empowermax Performance Coaching Systems


In these uncertain times, the only way you can be secure in your future is to gain the skill, strategic mindsets, and the necessary tools that will allow you to take your future into your own hands. Tools that will allow you to succeed with certainty and ease regardless of the external circumstances.



Summary of the tangible stuff you get:

  • Over 50 total hours of audio and video training including
  • Over 20 hours of video training/screencasts
  • 30 total hours of supplemental audio training
  • Manuals, flowcharts, and templates for emails, contracts, etc., 
    —all the materials you need to build your practice


The Main Course | Screencast Training | PowerPoint Video Lessons



The video lessons are the main resource for you in the course. There are over 1600 PowerPoint slides in all.


  • Presented in a clean, easy to follow format
  • Separated into weekly lessons
  • Recorded PowerPoint presentations with my voice guiding you through 
    and explaining the lesson and flesh out additional details and distinctions 
    for you


No matter what your learning style is, this course is optimized to work for you; you will be seeing it on the screen, hearing it over your speakers or head-set, and doing the weekly tasks and exercises to embody the material and stay on track.

 Oh--and yes, you can download the videos and save them to your hard drive and watch and listen to them as often as you like.


Supplemental Audio Resources. These are additional products I have recorded over the years. They will assist you in getting even more out of the course and out of yourself:


  • 16 one-hour tele-seminars divided into 4 training modules from a previous Coaching the Life Coach program
  • 7.2 Hours of Ethical Sales Training in over 20 audio episodes [the legacy version of Evolutionary Sales™]
  • Over 2 hours of presentation skills training designed to help you turn your practice into a business by turning your talks and intros into engaged, effective ways to acquire clients
  • 1.5 hour "Outcome Inevitability" audio product that demystifies and allows you to maximize the use of the Law of Attraction
  • The mindsets along the way to allow you to assure that your success will be inevitable



"Doing this program with Jason McClain really was like getting the Clift Notes on all things personal development." --Michael Vavricek, Coach and Corporate Consultant



There’s other stuff along the way, too. But really, that is not what you are buying.


Like I said way up at the top of this page, what you are buying is a step-by-step guide that literally covers everything on how to turn your practice into a successful business. What you are buying is what it will make possible for you and for your loved ones. What you are buying is a gateway to the confidence and security in knowing your financial future is in your control and that you can create wealth and prosperity in a fulfilling way--by doing good in the world.

And that neither needs to be sacrificed for the others--you can have wealth and thrive spiritually. 
Just imagine … imagine … the kind of ease and certainty that would provide for you and in your life. I want you to have that kind of certainty. I want you to have financial sustainability as a result of you guiding your clients to and through sustainability of change; to integrate your purpose and your prosperity.


That and all that it makes possible is what you are buying...
The course is 16 weeks--4 months long. You will be billed monthly on a recurring subscription basis. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.


Subscribe now for   $297   $197.00   $147.00 a month (with Your Evolutionary Coupon)


It begins with a 3 day free trial ...
Gain the edge necessary to not only survive in today's marketplace--but to thrive. You are the only stock that is ever guaranteed to increase in value over time.   Invest in yourself and your future today.  Begin now by clicking on the "subscribe" button below.


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