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An Amazing Woman and a Great Cause | An Open Letter to Your Generosity

Given the generosity of this Community and your desire to good in the world, some of you may be wondering which cause you should contribute to this Holiday Season.

Yet, we are left with a conundrum :::

With large organizations, regardless of their stated principles, there is always a challenge
dealing with overhead, administrative costs, and general efficiency of your donations.

Sadly, this makes many of us hesitant to give. And rightly so.

Which has me looking for causes where there is a minimum of administrative costs. Where there is a real translation between the dollars we give and the good it
will do.

What if you knew about a place to donate to remove all the layers between you and the actual difference you were making? What if you were assured you could make a difference immediately, NOW direct to the cause?

Meet the cause :::

Watch the video on that page and watch the one on this page:

and read the story. I met this woman on the trip to LA attending a fund raiser with Destin Gerek, and while not knowing who it was for, we walked in and even with her back to us,
I *FELT* she was the brightest light in the room.

She was the only one I was interested in meeting--and requested so.

Imagine my surprise that the fund-raiser was for her.

Regardless of your beliefs, beliefs system, or relationship to the holidays, if you are not moved to tears by this woman and her path...well, let's just say if you are alive, and you watch this woman's videos you should be moved to give to her cause.

I beg of you to do as your heart dictates.

And if your heart dictates, visit the links and hit the "donate" button. Any amount--large or small--will help.

In Service and In Evolution,

The McClain-Ness™

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The Choice is Yours...

I take a lot of heat. It is only outweighed by the acknowledgments I get from people about my marketing.  Thank God it is a 1 to 2 ratio, respectively.
At the same time, I gotta be honest, I am new to this internet marketing stuff. I am still learning. I know how to sell from service and contribution [and teach that] and I understand social networking and new media--but the email and internet marketing stuff? I am barely a journeyman. So I thank you for your grace.
I test, I experiment--and I bump into walls tracking effectiveness. And that is what I do--it is what I did while building my very successful coaching business. I go to the edge, bump into walls so you don't have to, and report back on what works and what does not.
The judgmental emails I get some times are challenging--I have to grit my teeth and thank people for their feedback--and trudge on, living my purpose and contributing to the world.

So if my marketing bothers you, I am learning. That is why I do not yet teach internet marketing.
However, I HAVE mastered building a practice--and turning it into a business.
So what I will say is this--go to the coaches site. If the copy there speaks to you--and you know you should be investing in your skill, depth, emotional freedom--and living your spiritual purpose, well, there are 3 more of these coupon leases--3 more of these crazy discounts. It is not too late. BUT half of them are gone. If it speaks to you--well, do it. If it does not--then don't.
Simple as that.
If that speaks to you, then just buy the darn thing.  Click "Create an account".
Click scroll down and clock "buy now". Create an account by entering your desired account details [username and password and email] and enter that coupon code at checkout.
This coupon code: 397CLC
This coupon code expires after 3 more uses. Then no more. That coupon code is good for a discount of $1,601.00. You read that right.
Do it now.
The world is waiting for you to step into your Purpose. You CAN be fulfilled and prosperous. If you go and do this now, the likelihood you WILL be fulfilled and prosperous dramatically increases--and I want that for you.
In Service
Go check it out:
If that speaks to you, then just buy the darn thing.  Click "Create an account".
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Do You Need a Swift Kick in the Butt?

Swift kicks in the butt are not my style--they are not what I do or what I offer. BUT I know they are necessary at times for us all.  AND, every once in a while, someone comes along who not  only cares about you, but can kick you in the butt in just the right way.
Once in a while I run across an offer I think is worth supporting/advocating and forwarding from someone I approve of. Someone I think you can benefit from. Someone with immaculate integrity--who will also bring crazy value to your life. And someone who truly cares--at a deep level--about assisting you in improving your life.
This is the first offer like that that I am advocating on this site, in well over a year, so you can imagine that this is a good one.
Meet David MartinDavid Martin.

I like to think of David as the Tony Robbins for Central and South America. He speaks to groups that are over 500 people at a time--and not only is he a Master Practitioner of NLP, but an amazing motivational speaker--AND he really, really cares about people--and he knows how to kick your butt.

Anyway, David's got a crazy download deal for audio material he has recorded. If you need your butt kicked--he's your guy.  
Check it out HEREHERE.
I'm not sure how long he is offering this--I know it will not be up forever--but either way I suggest you get over there and take advantage of this opportunity--especially, as I said, you need a good butt kicking.
Check it out HEREHERE:
In Service and In Evolution,

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How Has the Marketplace's Current Economic Conditions Affected Our Business?

How Has the Marketplace's Current Economic Conditions Affected Our Business?

There is more money now for coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners who are effective than before the economic downturn; it is also harder to acquire it [for some/most].

How can this be?

What do I mean?

People know they need assistance in being more effective now. Those in business for themselves who were able to scrape economic cream off the top are no longer able to; money is not simply just bubbling forth. As a result, they are looking for coaches and practitioners to assist them in gaining skill, becoming more effective, systematizing their businesses, etc.

And in some cases, if they are aware enough, becoming more at ease both physically and emotionally.

What this translates to is more business for those of us who are effective both at providing service to our clients, but also at turning prospective clients into clients and clients into raving fans.

For coaches and practitioners, this is a good thing if you are effective.

If you are not, this is the End of Days for your practice.

I would prefer if you were in the former category rather than in the latter.

Simultaneously, prospective clients are making more careful choices-there is plenty of choice out there. Where they put their money Is now a more conscious choice;  a more careful choice.

Your process needs to be immaculate or they will go somewhere else.

Simultaneously, people want more for their money and there is less latitude and grace for ineffective, non-results-producing practitioners. And they may be out of work, and they may have the time to actually invest in the endeavor of reporting their results-no matter how wildly inaccurate they may perceive the process of working with you. [Frankly, I have become more careful about who I take on as a client as a result].

What that means to you is that not only do you need to be a more effective practitioner all the time, but you also need to become a more and more effective sales professional all.the.time.

To assist you in that, there is a free event in San Francisco on April 28th in the evening. See details about that herehere:


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