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SOPA/PIPA Round Up | H.R. 3782 This Legislation Must Be Stopped

Imagine ... take downs and seizures of web sites by the D.O.J. without judicial review just for linking to something deemed a copyright infringement by ... a corporation that complains to the Justice Department.

What could go wrong?

Seizure notice_610x458


I am sure you have heard of this by now:  SOPA/PIPA and its assault on liberty in a misguided attempt to end piracy. Not only does it trample on the First Amendment, but it also will not work in achieving its desired and stated outcome.

Regardless, I wanted to give you a round-up from those who write about this every day as well as some humor from the web to go along with it.

First from Wired, here is an explanationhere is an explanation of the "blackout":

Also, Wired's in depth explanation of why they censored their own web sitein depth explanation of why they censored their own web site Wednesday, January 18th, 2012:

And watch the video on that pagethat page above.

In that article are also links to the why and the how of this legislation being so darned bad if you are unclear.

To lighten the mood, but to still be serious about this, and Anti-SOPA song set to "American Pie":


Now, serious:

From Wired.com ::: SOPA, Internet Regulation, and the Economics of Piracy:

Most importantly …

Don't declare victory yet. It is not enough to put black bars on stuff you post. Write your Congressperson:

Here is where you can write your Representative(s):

And hit the Senate uphit the Senate up too:

And finally, one of the videos that started this all has been rebooted to deliver some very salient points

Yes, you guessed it, Hitler responds to SOPA:



When you get done laughing, go WRITE CONGRESSWRITE CONGRESS and tell them you will vote against them in the next election, regardless of Party, if they support this bill. Which bill?  H.R. 3782

One more thing:

If you think this is not a serious matter [or that it will never pass into law], consider that the Supreme Court just ruled that Congress can take works already in the Public Domain and re-copyright themthe Supreme Court just ruled that Congress can take works already in the Public Domain and re-copyright them.

Your website could look like this without warning or due process [especially if it is hosted overseas]:

Seizure notice_610x458


This, combined with SOPA will allow them to take down almost any web site for say, quoting Mark Twain if it gets re-copyrighted:

And from the Electronic Frontier Foundation [E.F.F] is an easier way to take action for you with a great form letter [but make sure you add the "I will not vote for you again if you support this bill" line. 

Or really, modify the form letter any way you like. Go hereGo here:

Consider donating money to the E.F.F. as they fight for our rights all the time. They are the ones who sued the government over warantless wire-tapping, as just one example.



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