Success is not Magic.  
It is Systematic.
You received a certification at the end of your coach or practitioner training. You invested a great deal of time and money in it. You received the stamp of approval from people you trust, respect, and admire.  But did they teach you how to turn it into a viable business?
Probably not. Mine sure didn’t. Very few do. And if they do, they only address it as a sidenote. Or a 3-day addition to your training, if you're lucky.
Whether you are a life coach or a holistic practitioner of any modality, you need a lot of support if you are to be successful with your endeavor as a business--in turning your "practice" into a viable business so that you can integrate your purpose and your prosperity; so that you can do well by doing good: by offering the world your deepest gifts.
By now you probably have figured out it is not as simple as ordering business cards or putting up a website. Or even going to a few networking meetings. You need the mind-sets, business structures, ethical sales systems, and the plain know-how to turn your practice into a business.
You probably already know the what and you certainly know why you want to do it. But what you really need to gain is the "how".
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